About 123 decisions

Every company helps their customers make a decision. Companies share valuable tools and tips for their customers. A decision based tree (flow chart) asks the right questions to gain customer or project information. If you possess the knowledge to help anyone decide what to do, then you should create an easy decision tree. The users will appreciate you for helping them decide. They typically reciprocate with a purchase.

Decision tree apps are great differentiators for your company. If the normal way for a technician to troubleshoot is with a complicated flowchart or pages of steps, a decision tree app is faster and lowers any chance of missed steps.

A few good examples

of where a 123decision app could help are:

  • Picking the perfect wine
  • Choosing the right size clothing
  • Maintenance checks for large equipment
  • Cutting down customer service calls
  • Grilling the perfect steak
  • Preparing for a party
  • Choosing what plants to buy
  • Troubleshooting broken HVAC systems
  • Picking out color, patterns, or styles
  • Picking the perfect gift

In today’s market, the customers appreciate knowledge and anything that makes their life simpler.

Basic plan


  • Up to 50 questions
  • choice of four different color schemes
  • Purchase

Deluxe plan


  • All of Basic
  • tailored color scheme
  • custom front screen and closing screens
  • links to your website

Business plan


  • Up to 50 additional Y/N questions
  • logo placement

premium plan


  • up to 50. Additional Y/N questions
  • up to 5 multiple choice questions
  • custom skins for questions
  • logo placement
Additional Features and Plan Restrictions:
  1. Reports can be added to any plan. The additional price starts at $50 for a simple plan and format. Estimate for Other reports would be calculated by case to case basis.
  2. Animations can be added to any plan. Estimate for animation would be calculated by case to case basis.
  3. We offer graphic design services. Generic designs come with the plans. Estimate for complex designs would be calculated by case to case basis.

Contact us today for a free PDF with instructions and forms to help you get started designing your own tree or schedule a free discussion with one of our flow chart gurus to help you design your Decision tree.

Too see how fun and informative decision tree apps can be. Download this free Bid Decision Tree App that helps companies determine which business opportunities they should bid on.

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